sunny, 17, nj
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personal thoughts

We are probably just two young lovers 

and they say “nothing lasts forever”,

but I beg to differ. 

You are like a cliff hanger

leaving me wanting more.

I am willing to fall just to get to know

more of you.

I know this isn’t a movie

nothing is ever perfect,

but maybe this is the beauty of our film.

Soon or eventually the conflict will arise,

but you are the silver lining. 

It’s cliche to say

all this is cliche but I know

this love is real. 

It’s like déjà vu

your love is a very familiar feeling yet

so different from the rest.

We’re too young for love they say,

but this love is so strong baby

I can guarantee

we will leave them on the edge of their seats.

Just keep the camera rolling

We’ll be the #1 movie in the nation. 

"keep good people around you, they don’t come around too often. let your friends know you care, never take those relationships for granted.”
— Overlyxclusive (via kushandwizdom)